The Best Cat Playpens of 2022 – A Buyer’s Guide

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A cat playpen is a very handy item to have if you have a furry friend or two. It is a great way to create a safe space for your pet to play, especially when you put her favorite toys in the playpen.

A playpen is larger than a crate and it gives the cat enough space to move around without feeling cramped. It is also a way to give your cat a place to retreat to when he’s feeling stressed. Cat playpens come in different sizes, styles and at different cost points. Choosing the right one for your pet will fully depend on why you are getting one in the first place. This means that your lifestyle will be a determinant factor in your choice of a cat playpen.

Why A Cat Playpen?

There are several reasons why anyone might want a playpen for their cat and we’ll run through a few in this article.

If you own a cat or two and have trouble leaving them alone whenever you go to work, then a cat playpen might be the answer. This way, they are in a confined space where they feel comfortable and you would know exactly where they are whenever you get home.

This is also important when you have guests or lots of traffic in your home. Placing your pet in a cat playpen will keep them from getting beneath people’s legs and will also ensure that they don’t escape if a door is left open.

Another reason you might strongly consider ordering a playpen for your cat is if you are traveling and decide to take your pet along. The benefits here are two-fold in that if you are going on a long trip, a playpen will provide more space for your cat than a cat crate would. Also, there’s the added advantage of creating a safe and familiar environment for your pet.

If you decide to take an indoor cat outdoors to get some fresh air, which is highly recommended by the way, a playpen will help keep that cat safe. Indoor cats tend to get anxious when they are outdoors so it is important to place familiar toys in the playpen to help the cat feel safe. The same applies if you are taking a cat to unfamiliar surroundings, the playpen will keep her safe so she can’t run away.

Bringing a new cat home when there are other cats in the house can cause a bit of a problem. You can avoid that by using a playpen to separate the cats. And if you have a particularly aggressive kitty, some time out in a fun, comfortable playpen might be what the doctor ordered.

Speaking of doctors, a playpen provides one of the safest spots for a cat to recuperate after a visit to the pet. Your furry friend can retreat and rest in a quiet and serene environment without fear of being disturbed.

Types of Cat Playpens

Assuming you are now convinced about the need for a cat playpen, how do you decide which one to order? The fact is that there are different types of playpens from the temporary types that are made from mesh and cloth to the more permanent playpens designed with metal.

Below are some highly recommended playpens that are great for cats.

Outback Jack Cat Enclosures For Indoor Cats
Made from mesh, this playpen comes in the form of a tent and is great for giving your pet a day out in the sun. The mesh material means that your kitty can take in the view from any side of the playpen.

Even though it can be used indoors, it is quite large, so if you don’t have the necessary square feet indoors, then it will work best as an outdoor playpen.

It is easy to set up and folds into an easy to carry bag. Definitely handy for carrying around, which makes it great for a day at the park or for camping with your pet.

If you have a large pet, you will need something heavy to pin this tent to the ground because it moves with the cat.

Wildwhiskers Outdoor Feline Funhouse
This is another mesh playpen and is a nice way to give an indoor cat an outside day. Easy to set up, it provides a safe space for your furry friend to play and sun himself and makes a cute catio.

It is not very sturdy on the ground though and can easily be moved by a cat so if you are using this, you would need to get something heavy to keep it solid on the ground. Remember that it is not safe to leave your pet unattended outdoors.

As a travel playpen, the Feline Funhouse gets top marks.

Midwest Cat Playpen
If you are searching for something a bit more permanent, then this metal cat playpen is exactly what you need. Built to last and easily accessible, this playpen provides a really cool hangout space for your pet.

This playpen is not very wide, but it is tall with a covered top, so your cat can’t jump out, and it is perfect for small spaces. If you live in a small apartment, this might just be what you need. It has three adjustable tiers and is quite roomy.

This playpen sits solidly on the floor – it doesn’t move around with the cat – and latches quite well. It is truly a safe spot for your kitty.

Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen
This playpen comes with a carrying case, a collapsible water bowl and removable shades. Made with water resistant material, this portable playpen is a great way for your pet to travel in style. Lightweight and easy to carry, it is made with the safety of your cat in mind.

Great for cats of any size, it is roomy and comfortable and your pet is going to love this. Although this playpen might not be suitable for every kind of pet, it works perfectly well for cats. It is strong, durable and sturdy.

How to Choose the Right Cat Playpen for your Pet

With all these different playpens out there, how do you choose the right one for your pet? Basically, it is matter of your pet’s safety and your convenience. Once those factors are met, everything else is incidental.


Is the playpen completely safe for your cat? If you can answer in the affirmative, then the playpen might be one worth considering. It should be sturdy on the ground, or you should have a way to keep it from moving around. If there is a latch, it should also be solid and not one that any intelligent cat can get unlatched.

You also want to check that there are no sharp points or edges which could potentially cause injury to your pet. For metal playpens, the holes should be close together or your cat can push her head through and then get stuck in the opening, which can really be dangerous.


Cats are creatures of comfort so if the playpen is not comfortable, your cat will not like it and will protest loudly if you insist on placing her in the playpen. Ensure that the playpen you get for your cat is comfortable, has enough space and is airy.

Indoors or Outdoors or Both?

Where will you primarily make use of the playpen? Most cat playpens have dual functions, in that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, there are those that are not quite portable and are not very easy to move about. If you need your playpen only indoors or only outdoors, you might consider one of the less portable versions.

For outdoor playpens, it is a good idea to get one that is water resistant and easy to clean.


A portable cat playpen is the best option if you are going to be on the road with your cat a lot. These are often lightweight, foldable and easy to setup and dismantle. Foldable cat playpens are usually made from mesh and fabric, although there are some that are made with plastic materials.

For car travels, a playpen that has food and water bowls is also a great option.

In Conclusion

A cat playpen is a really great idea if you want to give your cat a nice, safe space to play, a place your pet can retreat to whenever he feels the need. It is also a nice way to introduce an indoor cat to the outdoors without fearing for his safety.

There is no doubt that there are several types of cat playpens out there, however once you are clear about your objectives and the reason you need a playpen for your kitty, choosing the right one will be much easier.

No matter what you decide upon, safety is paramount, therefore no cat should ever be left outside unattended, even if that cat is in a safe playpen. There are many ways you can raise a happy cat and getting a cat playpen is one of those.