How to Make Your Own Pet Playpen

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A pet playpen is a great way to keep your pet contained for a short period while you run an errand or get things done around the house. It provides a space that is safe and secure and goes a long way in helping you raise a happy pet.

Whether your animal friend is a dog or young puppy, or a smaller animal like a furry little kitten, a guinea pig or even a rabbit, a playpen will give them a place that is theirs and keep them from trashing your home, and if you are training a young puppy, then you will absolutely need one of these.

How to Make A Homemade Pet Pen

Before you begin building the playpen, it is important to decide on what material you are going to use. As we pointed out earlier, animal playpens are made from myriad materials and for smaller animals, you could even make a playpen using cardboard. But that would only be for an animal that doesn’t chew.

Making the frame

The first step when making your own animal playpen is creating the frame. The frame is what will determine how large or small your playpen is going to be, so you need to pay particular attention to this detail.

In making your frame, you can use a number of materials. If you are a real handy person, skilled in DIY and you want to take things a step further, then you could think about welding metal panels together. But if you like to keep things simpler, you can fasten PVC pipes together or create a wooden frame from strong plywood.

Something to note about wooden playpens is that they are not easily portable. They tend to be a bit heavy. If you do not need a portable playpen and you are okay with your playpen sitting in one place, indoors or outdoors, then this is a good option as wooden playpens are sturdy and not easily moved about, even by large dogs.

If you are planning to make your playpen an outdoor one for a dog, then the size is important and should not be less than 12 feet, so that your dog can run around and get proper exercise.

Once you have your panels ready, you can then attach them to each other with zip ties. The nylon ties work well with your DIY panels.

The panels for the playpen should not be too high so that you can easily gain access into the playpen. This is necessary for cleaning the pen. At the same time, it should be high enough to keep out animals that like to jump, like cats and rabbits. A good height is 3 feet, and as your animal grows, you can attach more panels on top.

Choosing your covering

The covering usually goes around the frame, securing the sides so that your pet doesn’t run out of the playpen. However, some playpens have covered tops so you could also go with that if you prefer.

There are several materials that are ideal for use as a playpen covering. If you are planning an outdoor playpen, then the best material is probably chain linking. Look for chain linking that has been treated with a powdered coating as this is bite and urine-proof. Chain linking is not exactly a cheap option, however it has a long lifespan and does not rust, which means that you will recoup your cost in the long run.

For indoor playpens, or those that will be used both indoors and outdoors, chain link will not work so well, instead what you need is another material like wire mesh or fabric. The fabric used for the walls and the covering of the playpen should be breathable so that your pet does not suffocate. It also helps if it is transparent, enabling the animal to see through so that your furry friend does not feel left out of the family. It also helps you keep an eye on the animal.

How to construct a PVC Frame

When making your own animal playpen, one of the easiest frames to construct is a PVC frame. There is also the fact that it is portable, firm on the ground and long lasting. Below are instructions on how to DIY your own animal playpen using a PVC frame.

If you are making a playpen for a small animal like a rabbit or cat, or even a small breed puppy, then half inch pipes are the best way to go. For a larger animal like a dog, a ¾ inch pipe is a better option.

Some things you will need

  • 10 inch PVC pipes
  • Corners or L brackets
  • PVC pipe cutters
  • Crosses, Ts and caps

A good flooring option is a rubber tarp, however that is optional as you can always place old newspapers on the floor.

Cut the pipes into the sizes you want and then set them into layers, one at a time. You will need four pieces of precut PVC for each layer and a few connection pieces. Making use of connection pieces to connect each panel together is neater than fixing the fittings directly to the longer pipes. These will also come in handy when you are attaching the caps to the legs.

To be sure that the playpen sits evenly on the floor, place a cross at each end of the pipe. Next attach the connection pieces to the reverse sides of the crosses. Make sure that each connection fits snugly.

Once you finish the first layer, use the same process to create another which you will attach to the first layer. Do this until you get the desired height. You can make your playpen as high (or as low) as you want it to be, just keep adding more layers.

For smaller animals, you might want to add some mesh or wire to the sides and also to the top, if your animal is a jumper.

The PVC DIY animal playpen works great indoors and well as outdoors. It is sturdy on the floor, but portable enough to be moved around.

In conclusion

Making your own animal playpen is a fun way to create a safe space for your pet to play and exercise. Once you understand the basics of making your own animal playpen, you can get creative and experiment with different materials.

Whichever material you use, be safety cautious. Make sure there are no sharp ends or loose ends that might injure your pet.

If you are using your playpen outdoors, do not leave your pet unsupervised for long periods of time, particularly if you have a small pet. This is to make sure that your pet does not get herself into a situation which could cause her injury and also to guard against theft.

A playpen is a great way to raise a happy pet and your furry friend will thank you.