How to Bunny Proof Your Home

Before getting your new pet bunny, there are a few things that you will need to consider. One of these is to make sure that you adequately bunny proof your home. There are so many risks and dangers for your rabbit in just one single room, including cables, plants, and any small items.

As well as that, bunnies are capable of biting on furniture and may even dig and destroy your floorboards. This guide will go through some of the most important ways on how to bunny proof a room, ensuring your rabbit’s area is safe and that your furniture and items stays in one piece.

How To Bunny Proof A Room

Use Cardboard Or Rugs To Protect The Floorboards

It is possible that your bunny will try to dig or even bite at your floor as a result of its instincts. This will likely result in scratch marks visible on the floorboards, and further damage on certain types of floorboards or ones that are old.

In this case, the best thing is to lay out cardboard or any rugs that you won’t mind becoming damaged in the room where you will be keeping your pet bunny. You could also use plastic mats to serve the same purpose.

This is especially important around the doorway to your room, or in corners, where your bunny is most likely to try to dig or bite through. In addition, be sure to block off the bottom of your furniture or bed with storage cube fencing to prevent your bunny from going under there to dig.

Cover Any Cables And Wires

Cables and wire poise a great danger to rabbits just as any other pets. Bunnies are often inclined to chew anything in sight. If you have any cables and wires sitting in areas of your room, make sure to block these off from your bunny or cover them to prevent the risk.

For instance, a good way to cover these is with hard plastic sleeves, flex tubing, or even to just throw any material over them to hide the cables or wires from sight.

Wrap Your Table And Legs Up With Flex Tubing

Flex tubing can be purchased in a hardware store and is a great way of preventing your bunny from chewing on table or chair legs and damaging them. Flex tubing can stop your bunny’s teeth from getting through it due to its sturdy nature.

As well as that, be sure to provide plenty of chew toys for your pet bunny. Without proper mental stimulation and something to do, it is possible your bunny may get bored and try to entertain himself by chewing on others things.

Chew toys designed specifically for rabbits can help your bunny stay occupied throughout the day and less likely to direct his attention to furniture as well as household items.

Use A Bitter Pet Spray

Another way on how to bunny proof your room is to use a bitter pet spray on furniture and various household items you do not want your bunny to go anywhere near or damage.

Such pet sprays are specially designed to be used as a repellent, since rabbits don’t like the taste and won’t try to bite anything with the spray on it. As an alternative, you can make your own spray using two cups of apple cider vinegar – or lemon if you wish – and then combining them with one cup of white vinegar. This mixture is all natural, poses zero health hazard, and will work just as well as a store bought product.

Remove All Items And Plants Which Can Hold A Potential Risk From Sight

Always be sure to double check if you have removed all items which hold a potential risk from the room where your bunny will be staying. This includes small objects, electronics, and plants.

There is a number of plants which may be toxic to bunnies, and could cause many problems if eaten. However, even if you are sure that your plant is completely safe, it is still best to remove it from sight of your rabbit. Your bunny is likely to munch on anything that catches his or her attention, which includes the leaves of plants.

Build A Play Pen For Your Bunny

Play pens give your bunny a safe and secure area to reside in without any danger. A play pen is great for your bunny if you are unable to remove all the risks in a room and keep your bunny from harm. However, a play pen does not have to be small or limiting.

A play pen should be large enough to give your bunny plenty of free space to roam around in, and be equipped in all the things it will need, including water, food, and toys. Any objects that poise a risk for your bunny can be kept away from the pen.

You can also fence away parts or areas of your room where there may be hazards, and install a baby gate in open doorways to prevent your bunny from getting through.

In conclusion

In conclusion, there are a couple of efficient ways in which you can bunny proof your room. This includes removing from sight all cables and wires, any other items, electronics, and even plants.

As well as that, it is important to cover your floor with anything to protect it from your bunny’s digging or biting habits, and taking the time to wrap your table or chair legs with flex tubing.

Another good way of preventing your rabbit from biting things is by using a bitter pet spray or your own homemade vinegar spray. The smell will make him want to stay away from furniture and other items. Play pens can also be used to keep your bunny in when staying in a room full of potential hazards.

When your room is properly bunny proofed, you will be able to have peace of mind that your bunny will not be met with any risks, and that your household objects won’t bear any marks or damage at the end of the day.