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Rat Playpen Buyer’s Guide

Pet playpens sound like a great idea if you have small animals at home and don’t want them confined to a cage 24/7. The problem is that when dealing with something as small and smart as a pet rat, it can be difficult to find the right product.

Two small ferrets

Ferret Playpen Buyer’s Guide

Ferrets are small creatures that have outgoing personalities. They are friendly, fun, playful, and lively. Many ferret owners prefer to cuddle with their furry baby, but in times when you have to attend some important meetings, you have no choice but to leave your pet alone.

Hamster Playpen Buyer’s Guide

Hamsters are a definition of cuteness! They love to play around, so they’ll be happier in a more open space. Choosing the right playpen for hamsters is an excellent way of letting them explore the area around them and increase their overall wellbeing.

portable playpens

Portable playpens for small pets

There are different kinds of portable playpens for small animals and in this article we will explore the different options including the pros and the cons, thereby helping you settle on the best choice for your pet.