Different Floor Mats for Puppy Playpens

Floor Mats for Puppy Playpens

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Having a puppy at home is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because they bring joy and more life to your home. But since puppies are playful, they may tend to scratch and scrape your floors. And that’s the bad side of it.

But you can avoid it from happening. Here are some of the best floor mats you can use for your puppy playpens to not just protect your flooring but also provide comfort for your playful puppy.

What is A Dog Playpen Floor Mat?

These mats are heavy-duty made to keep your puppies’ paws from scratching and messing your floors while they are playing inside the playpen. Most playpen floor mats are made of rubber since it grips easily to the floor to keep it in place when your puppy moves.

Aside from that, an ideal dog playpen should also be stain-resistant to maintain cleanliness in your house, especially in your puppies’ play area.

Different Floor Mats for Puppy Playpens

Foam Mats

Foam mats are an excellent mat you can use for your dogs. They are economical, easy-to-clean, waterproof, and stain-resistant. They often come in puzzle shapes, which make it easier to install, remove, and reinstall.

Since foam mats are budget-friendly, most people choose them. Aside from being affordable, most people also find foam mats as the most comfortable material to use for their puppies to lie around and play. Foam mats also have a variety of colors to choose from as well. If you want to decorate your dog’s playpen into something cute and attractive to look at, it’s better to have a foam mat.

Rubber Mats

It looks similar to foam mats but the thing that makes rubber mats stand out is their toughness. You can guarantee that a rubber mat can last even from harsh conditions. Thus, it’s perfect when your puppies love to scratch or bite since rubbers won’t tear easily.

Aside from their durability, rubber mats are also easy to install. Like the foam mats, they are also designed with an interlocking connecting system that allows them to be attached easily from one another and stay in place.

Cleaning is also not a problem with rubber mats. With just a damp mop, you can clean it with ease.

Artificial Grass

If you prefer something unique for your puppy playpen, you can try using artificial grass. Just like the usual mat, the artificial grass is also cushioned, soft, and has a comfortable thatch so your puppies can move, run, and roll around the area without hurting themself.

Even if it is artificial grass, it has a difference from a typical synthetic grass or even real grass. Artificial grass mats don’t have any hint of sharpness in it, so it is safe for your puppies to play on.

Artificial grass can be both used indoors or outdoors, or wherever your puppy want to play.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Floor Mat For a Puppy Playpen

Knowing the best types of floor mats for your puppies to use is not enough. Of course, you also need to know how to choose the right quality to buy. Here are the important factors and tips you must consider before buying a floor mat for your puppies’ playpen.


Before rushing out to buy the best floor mat for your dog’s playpen, make sure you know first the measurement of the playpen you have. Some playpens come in pieces or those that look like a puzzle and need to connect from each other. If you know the overall size of the playpen you have, you can calculate how many floor mats pieces should you avail.

But some come in as a whole, but still, you need to check if they can fit inside the playpen well and space you have at home.


The material where the floor mat is made from also should be of great importance when choosing to buy a playpen floor mat. As mentioned, foam and rubber are the common material used for floor mats as they can both protect your dog from getting hurt and your floor from getting scratch.


Based on the material, rubber, and foam, you know well how these two can last longer with frequent use. It’s no doubt that both of these are strong and durable, but if you have super active puppies who love to bite and scratch the floor daily, the floor mats might wear off in no time. You can opt for thicker mats to ensure they can protect your floors properly.


There are many affordable floor mats of good quality. You don’t need to look for expensive ones if these products also offer the same quality as those who have lower prices. You also need to remember that smaller ones will tend to be cheaper while bigger ones will be more pricey. So for you to save up when buying the right floor mats for your dog’s playpen, make sure you get the right size because that’s where the price will vary most.


Setting up a floor mat inside your dog’s playpen is beneficial not just for your dog but also for your house as well. Since your dog will spend more time inside the playpen, they will tend to damage the floor as they play around. If you have a floor mat, your floors can be protected from scratches and dirt your dogs may bring. It will provide you an easy way to clean and maintain your house.

Also, floor mats provide the best comfort and safety for your dogs. As they roll around and move inside the playpen, their bodies will possibly hit on the hard floor and may injure them. With the best quality floor mat, you can ensure that your dogs are safe and sound while they are in their playpen.