Rabbit Playpen Buyer’s Guide

Rabbit in a playpen

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If you own a pet rabbit, getting a rabbit playpen is probably not the first thing you think about, but once you do, it quickly becomes clear that it is one really important tool for your pet.

There are a number of options out there and deciding which is the best playpen for your rabbit can get a bit confusing. This article seeks to break down the process into easily digestible bits. We will talk about the different types of rabbit playpens and how to choose the one that is best for your rabbit.

What is a Rabbit Playpen?

First of all, it is important to understand just what a rabbit playpen is and how it differs from a rabbit hutch or cage. A playpen is a safe, secure space for your pet to run around and exercise without getting into trouble.

Rabbit Playpen Vs Rabbit Hutch

Modern rabbit hutches come in different forms and styles and there are many that are really very lovely. However, there is one major difference between a playpen and a hutch (two if we’re counting), a hutch is usually kept outside, while a playpen can be indoors or outdoors.

Another way in which a playpen is different from a hutch, is that is has lots of space for the rabbit to play and run around. Most rabbit hutches are totally enclosed spaces with roofs and everything. You can see your pet through a hutch because they are mostly made from wood, iron and mesh. But that freedom to run around, which a rabbit playpen gives, is missing.

Rabbit playpen vs Rabbit Cage

What about a cage, is that any different from a playpen? Actually, it is different. A cage keeps your pet caged in. Basically, with very little room to run around, no exercise and a zero sense of freedom.

Most cages are designed for indoor use so you can have your rabbit cage in the house with you. But if you need to travel or stay outdoors, the cage is not very appropriate. And the cages that are designed for outdoor use are for that alone. There is hardly any versatility when it comes to rabbit cages. That is where a playpen comes in.

Why a playpen for a rabbit?

It is simple really, exercise is one of the most important factors for pets (after love and care, of course). If you want your pet to remain healthy, that animal needs to get as much exercise as possible.

With rabbits, probably because they are so small, exercise is often neglected. We tend to forget that as animals in the wild, rabbits do lots of running around. A playpen gives them the much needed space to run around and exercise.

Different kinds of rabbit playpens?

Rabbit playpens come in different shapes, sizes and colors, so you should not have any trouble finding something that fits your lifestyle and that of your pet. Most playpens are made from a variety of materials, so you can get playpens that are made from metal, plastic, fabric, nylon and wood, oh and let’s not forget wire and mesh.

No matter which playpen you get, the focus should be on safety and comfort. A playpen with an external lock will go a long way in keeping your pet safe.

Basic Standard Rabbit Playpens

Standard playpens are usually made from wire or mesh and they provide a safe area for bunnies to play indoors. They are made with small pets in mind and are affordable and safe.

Prevue Pet Products Multi-Color Small Pet Playpen 40090
This is a wire playpen that allows pets to play in a secure area while allowing you or your children play with your pet rabbit. This is not a typical bunny playpen though so a rabbit can easily jump out, however you can easily get two units and stack one on top of the other to create a secure, safe and durable playpen for your rabbit. Plus, this multi-color playpen really is affordable even when you buy two.

Kaytee Small Animal Pet-N-Play Pen
This cute blue playpen is wonderful for bunnies, creating a safe area where they can play without the fear that they will jump out. The height is perfect, even for jumpers and the latch works well. The only downside is the mat that is included, you might want to change that or place something that is absorbent on the mat or you will have the entire house smelling of rabbit urine. No, not nice.

Marshall Small Animal PlayPen
This playpen is rather on the high end of the price spectrum, but it is so worth the investment. Easy to set up, this playpen is sturdy and heavy and won’t be easily toppled by your pet. High enough that your bunny can’t play Houdini, it is a great way to provide a play area for your pet that is secure and safe.

Foldable Rabbit Playpens

Foldable playpens are the preferred choice if you need to move about with your rabbit. They are easy to set up and take down and you can travel with them or even go camping with your pet.

Midwest Exercise Pen/Pet Playpens
Easy to set up and tall enough that your mischievous bunny won’t be hopping out, this playpen makes an ideal play area for your pet. It is durable, great for indoors or outdoors and easily dismantled for when you need to move. If you have an extra energetic rabbit, you might want to purchase a second set to create enough room for your pet to run around.

JYYG Pet Playpen
This playpen is one that can serve as a home and play area for your pet bunny. Made from wire, it comes with a little cage inside that can be home. But that’s not all, you can set up the panels in practically any shape you want, or stack them up so they are a little higher. Easy to set up and dismantle, it makes a great foldable playpen for when you need to travel.

Paws & Pals Playpen for Pets
Made from poly nylon, this playpen is easy to set up. It pops up and is also very easy to fold and put away. With reinforced steel and breathable mesh window shades, a safe and secure space for your pet. It also has a top, which is great for added safety, and it is easily removable if you want to play with your pet. It’s really comfy, great for indoor and outdoor use and perfect for travel. It is also really easy to clean, which is an added plus.

Apartment Style Rabbit Playpens

These are playpens that have several compartments like an apartment, creating an exciting environment for your pet to play in.

JYYG Pet Playpen, Small Animal Cage Indoor Portable Metal Wire Yard Fence for Small Animals
Made from durable metal material, this playpen is multi-functional and can be used as a fence to cordon off an area, a playpen or a cage. It can be rearranged anyway you like and one of those ways is a playpen/cage with several compartments, giving your pet room to explore. It works very well as a rabbit playpen, but you should be mindful of the fact that you would need to get something to use on the floor as it does not come with a floor covering.

KOUSI Small Pet Playpen, Metal Wire Apartment-Style Two-Storey Animal Fence Kennel, Comfortable Pet Premium Villa
As the description says, this is really a pet villa. You can really plan almost any layout with this product, although you would probably have to order two or more sets if you want to create a spacious apartment style playpen for your bunny. Note that this is not a playpen that you can repeatedly take apart and reassemble as it becomes harder to assemble each time. So it doesn’t fall into our category of portable playpens.

SONGMICS Pet Playpen
Made from metal wire mesh, this playpen was designed with safety in mind. It is created with rounded edges and a nonslip mat for enhanced pet safety. There is enough space for your bunny to move around and your pet can go from one floor to the other as it explores the playpen. Thanks to the wire mesh frame, you can easily keep an eye on your rabbit. On the downside, the panels are not very tall so if you do decide to create an open area for your bunny, you will need to buy extra panels to increase the height.

There are different types of playpens and these are just some of the more popular ones listed here. The important thing is to choose one that is right for you and for your pet.

How to choose the right Playpen for Your Rabbit

Not every playpen is okay or safe for a rabbit and it is important to choose carefully so that you don’t place your pet in danger. Before choosing a rabbit playpen, here are a few questions to ask.

  • Is it safe? The safety of your pet is very vital and it is very important to choose a playpen with this in mind. A rabbit playpen should be sturdy and without sharp edges that can easily cause injury to your pet.
  • How high is it? Rabbits jump and there is no need ordering a playpen that will not keep them in securely. The essence of a playpen is containment in a safe environment. This means you should check that the playpen is high enough to keep your pet safely contained before ordering.
  • Is there enough space? It is true that bunnies are small animals, but it is also important that they have enough space to run around. As such, a rabbit playpen should be spacious and provide a play area that will let your bunny have adequate exercise.
  • Is it chew proof? Bunnies tend to chew through wire so if the playpen is not chew proof, they can chew through and get out, which could be potentially dangerous. Search for a playpen that has been made with chew proof material or sprayed with a chew proof chemical that is not harmful to your pet.

Things to Consider

So you have narrowed down your options and you are most likely ready to order that playpen. Before you do, here are a couple more things to consider.

It is a good idea to get a playpen that is durable and will last for a long time so that you do not have to keep changing playpens too often. A really good playpen should last long enough to be of use to another bunny, if you choose to get one.

It is a good idea to get a playpen that is durable and will last for a long time so that you do not have to keep changing playpens too often. A really good playpen should last long enough to be of use to another bunny, if you choose to get one.

Whether you will need a portable playpen or not really depends on your lifestyle. If you move about a lot and you want to keep your bunny with you, then you should get a playpen that is portable and easily dismantled. The same goes if you like to go camping or on picnics and you like to keep your rabbit close by.

IMPORTANT: If you do decide to use your rabbit playpen outdoors, do not leave your pet unattended for too long. Be safety aware and keep an eye on your pet so that your adorable bunny does not get stuck or injured, fed the wrong food or stolen.


If you have a rabbit, then getting a rabbit playpen is a really good idea. It gives your pet the freedom to move about and exercise without having the run of the house. This saves you from having to search for your pet all the time and is also a way to keep the animal safe.

If you want to give your rabbit a feel of sunshine and the outdoors, a playpen will help keep the bunny secure while out of the house.

For pet owners, playpens are a wonderful source of peace of mind. There is nothing quite as fulfilling as the knowledge that your pet is safe and secure, and owning a playpen provides that safe space for your pet.