How to Keep a Dog Playpen From Moving

Secure a puppy playpen

We all love our dogs, but they can quickly get out of control and destroy furniture when we’re not looking. Dog playpens are a great solution to this problem, but how do you keep them from moving around?

You can stabilize dog playpens with anchors such as kettlebells, bricks, pieces of heavy furniture, and sandbags. Placing a non-slip mat beneath the pen can help the structure stay in place. If possible, putting the pen in the corner of a room provides the most stability.

It looks like we can save our furniture after all! In this article, we’ll explore how to keep your dog playpen from moving around while you’re trying to get work done.

Stabilize a Dog Playpen With Anchors

This is the same idea as pitching a tent and securing the corners with stakes. These solutions will work well if you have a small or medium dog you’re trying to corral.

1. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are relatively cheap workout equipment that comes in different sizes and weights. They can be great for weighing down the sides or corners of the dog playpen so the dog can’t scooch around looking for mischief.

To do this, tie rope or wire (anything safe for your dog that they can’t chew through) to the sides of the pen. Then, connect the other end to the kettlebell. Your dog shouldn’t be able to chew on the rope because it will be outside the pen’s walls.

2. Bricks

Bricks can be an excellent option for a low-cost weight you may be able to get for free. If you have any construction work friends, they may be willing to let you take home a bucketful.

Regardless of where you source the bricks, ensure there aren’t any rough edges that could cut through the dog’s playpen. Clean them thoroughly to get off any grime or bugs. If your dog’s playpen is made of fabric and not metal, you can tuck the bricks all along the edges of the bottom.

You’ll need more bricks than you will kettlebells. Binding the bricks with rope or gorilla glue will prevent the stacks from being knocked over if your dog gets too excited.

3. Pieces of Heavy Furniture

Place heavy furniture like couches or armchairs against the pen if you’re in a living room. If you “box in” the pen, the dog won’t have anywhere to nudge the fabric. You can secure the pens to furniture legs like the kettlebells, using rope or wire.

4. Sandbags

Like weighing down a truck bed, they can weigh down a dog playpen. You can make sandbags at home if you’re willing to sacrifice a few old pillow cases. Even if you live near a beach, you should still purchase the sand from a landscaping company or warehouse. You don’t want the beach critters in your house.

You can also buy sandbags from most home improvement stores. Storebought will likely be tougher and more resistant to your dog’s teeth. Because they’re large and unlikely to slide, you can place them directly outside the playpen. There’s no need to tie anything down.

Add Dog Playpen Stabilizers for Extra Stability

Dog pen stabilizers are small plastic clips that attach to the base of your dog’s pen, so the walls are less likely to shift and move around. You can also purchase baby gate stabilizers if you like the styles more. They’re essentially the same item.

When purchasing, ensure the clips will fit the wire diameter on your dog’s pen. Different pens are made with varying metal thicknesses, and a standard clip may not fit. If you have a fabric pen, these stabilizers won’t work.

Secure the Dog Pen to the Wall

Placing the dog pen against a wall eliminates one direction in which the pen could move. A better option would be to put the pen in a corner, so you only have to worry about two directions. From here, you have a few options.

You can secure the pen directly to the wall using anchors and nails. For example, purchase a metal clip that will attach to the top of the playpen. Then, use a hammer and a nail to secure the top of the clip to the wall. This is a permanent solution you may not want to use if you’re renting.

Even if you own the house, this method can come with risks. You should not do this if your dog is big enough to reach the clip and nail. Though unlikely, your pooch may be able to pull the nail out of the wall. They could step on it, chew on it, or swallow it. This method is best for smaller dogs.

Secure the Playpen to a Crate

You can attach the playpen directly to the dog’s crate if you get a little crafty. Most dog pens are circular or octagonal. Place one of the sides against the crate’s door and measure how much of the pen you would need to cut out for the pen to become an extension of the crate.

Then, attach the pen’s opening to the crate’s opening using heavy-duty construction zip ties or rope. You can open your dog’s crate door, and they’ll have immediate access to the playpen. While your dog plays, the crate will be a stabilizer and weight for the pen.

This can be great for dogs that take a lot of naps. When they get tired, they can go directly back into their crate.

BONUS You can also put pegboard under the playpen and anchor it with zip-ties to keep it in place. For more instructions see the video below:

How to Keep a Dog Playpen From Sliding on Hardwood Floors?

If your house has all hardwood floors, you may have trouble keeping a dog playpen from skidding around.

Add a Non-Slip Mat Under the Pen

Depending on the size of the pen, you may be able to lay down non-slip material. Home improvement stores sell various types and sizes of rubber mats perfect for protecting your hardwood floors from metal scratches.

Industrial-grade mats are also designed to keep people from slipping while still walking on something soft. These mats have a rubber bottom and a fabric top. I recommend this type if your pen has an open base. This will give the pen and your pup some extra traction.

Attach Rubber to the Pen

If you don’t want an entire rubber pad underneath the pen, you can DIY yourself a rubber case for the pen’s sides. You’ll need a hot glue gun and a lot of extra patience. Cut out strips of rubber wide enough for the pen’s side to sit on. Then, attach each strip to each side and secure it with glue or more zip ties.


Dog playpens are an excellent option for owners who need a safe place to leave the dogs when they’re away from the house. You can prevent them from sliding around using kettlebells, bricks, furniture, or sandbags. Placing crates in a corner or up against a wall adds an extra layer of stability.