How to Set Up an Area for Your Puppy

sleeping puppy

Preparing for a new puppy is almost like when you are getting ready to welcome a new baby. You need to get the house ready and make sure that the environment is conducive and welcoming for the new addition to the family.

And just like when you prepare a house for a baby’s arrival, there are a few things you need to do to do to set up an area for your new puppy.

This area is where your puppy is going to learn how to become a part of your family and it will provide a safe haven for the little furry friend as it gets to learn what behavior is acceptable, and which is not.

In this article, we will share tips on how to set up an area for a new puppy, as well as little things you can do to make the transition easier on the puppy and on your family.

Designate an Area for Your Puppy

The first step towards creating a welcoming home for your new puppy is to have a specific area that will be the puppy zone. This could be a spare room or any space within your home. Some great spaces are beneath the staircase, the laundry room or even a hallway. It does not have to be a large room since puppies prefer cozy spaces.

Once you have singled out a place that will belong to your puppy, the next step is to get the place puppy ready. This means making it a homely environment for the puppy. This is where you will place the puppy’s bed, some toys and anything that you think will make the little one comfortable.

You can put up pictures of some dogs, or of the new family on the wall. You can paint it a nice color and do some creative decorations. Whatever you do, try to make the space a bit dark so that the puppy can rest without being disturbed by bright lights.

There are several ways you can get imaginative and create a posh little space for your dog. A good source of inspiration is

Tip: Wherever you create your puppy room or space, it should not be too far away from the main activity in the home. You need a place where you can easily check on your puppy and where the little one can see you or feel your presence.

Set up a Puppy Playpen or Confinement Area

You might also want to set up a playpen or a confinement area for your puppy. This is where the puppy is allowed to stay whenever he is not inside her room.

A playpen is a good idea particularly if you have a puppy that has not been trained yet. The puppy is restricted to this area and can exhibit all her naughty behavior right in there, and not all over your sofa or with your shoes.

The playpen will have the puppy’s food and water bowls. Ideally, this pen should be one that you can move from one room to another as you go about the house so you always can keep an eye on your puppy and she can see you as well.

However, if you don’t have a portable pen, simply place the pen in the room with the most activity like the living room or close to the kitchen.

Puppy-Proof your home

Much as you would make your home baby-proof, in the same way, the home should be made puppy-proof. This means ensuring that harmful substances and items are kept away, out of the reach of the puppy.

Preventive vet has a 10-point checklist for puppy proofing your home and they include:

  • Keeping your trash safely stashed as puppies tend to dig into trash, which could be harmful for them if they swallow something toxic or get suffocated.
  • Taping away wires and cords and keeping them out of sight because puppies chew and this could lead to an electric shock. There are heavy cord covers you can get to avoid accidents as well as deterrent sprays.
  • Keep your bags out of pup’s reach. Most bags contain a substance known as xylitol and this is poisonous for puppies.
  • Keep away anything that contains batteries, such as remotes and electronic toys. Batteries are harmful to puppies when chewed, and puppies will chew.
  • There are so many things that could be hazardous to puppies such as poisonous houseplants, poisons contained in cleaning agents and lots more. keep those out of reach of your puppy.

For more information on how to puppy proof your home, see preventive vet’s checklist.

Tips to Keep Your Puppy Busy When You Are Away

There are times when you will have to leave your puppy alone at home. That’s not something you can help if you plan to hold down a job, or go grocery shopping. While you are gone, the little feller might get lonesome and bored, and a bored puppy can be a really naughty one.

A good way to guard against boredom when you are out of the house is by introducing mentally stimulating activities for your puppy.

There are several activities your pet will enjoy and one of them is a treat ball. This is a ball that is filled with a treat (like peanut butter) and your puppy will have lots of fun chasing that ball all over the room.

If your puppy area is in the living room or close to a TV, you can set the TV on the nature channel or Animal Planet. This is a good way to occupy your pet. You can also play calming music that will help your puppy remain calm.