Is It Safe To Put a Puppy in a Baby Playpen?

Since puppies need a lot of attention and supervision whatever they happen to be doing, keeping a watchful eye on them is a must. However, dog owners often run quite busy schedules and need other things to take care of.

It would be an impossible task to keep observing your puppy at all times during the course of the day. Nonetheless, making sure their puppy is in a safe area where they can’t get hurt or injured needs to be every dog owner’s priority. This is where playpens come in very helpful.

Puppies do have a tendency of exploring every bit of the house, and until they are old enough to move around without supervision, a playpen will be good idea to prevent them from doing so.

Can I put my Puppy in a Baby Playpen

It is an obvious thing that buying a puppy playpen is the best way to give your puppy a safe and secure area where he can play, eat, rest, and sleep in. There are many types of puppy playpens, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and a range of materials.

However, would it be safe to put a puppy in a baby playpen? As a matter of fact, both baby and puppy playpens are very similar, and a puppy can safely be kept in a baby playpen.

There are many baby playpens that have a design which is identical (or very similar) to that of a puppy playpen. Baby playpens are designed in such a way that a baby or small child can play and rest in a safe environment where he is not exposed to certain risks or hazards that can be found in the home.

But why would you choose a baby playpen for your puppy instead of a puppy playpen?Simply, you may want to keep your puppy in a baby playpen if that option is just more suitable for you. You may already have a baby playpen if you have had a child before, so you won’t have to go and buy a new one.

Or, you may find baby playpens more available in the area that you live in, and you will have a greater deal of options to pick from. Some baby playpens may be higher than a puppy playpen, which can be great if your puppy is of a large breed, or tends to be an escape artist.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Playpen For Your Puppy?

– You can leave your puppy in a baby playpen while running errands and not have to worry,
– Allows you to keep your puppy’s toys, food, bowls, and other items in one place
– Keeps your puppy of out trouble and prevents harm,
– You don’t have to worry that your puppy will chew on your furniture or household objects,
– Your puppy will begin to see his playpen as a safe haven and a place to rest and settle,
– Puppy learns to respect boundaries,
– You don’t have to leave your puppy with someone else while going to work, as a playpen will keep your puppy safe and harm-free when you are not present.

How To Choose A Proper Baby Playpen For Your Puppy?

To choose a proper baby playpen for your puppy which is safe, prevents any means of escape, and provides plenty of space, you should look for the following things:

– Ensure your baby playpen is at least 30 inches tall from the floor for a small breed, 40 inches tall for a medium breed, and 50 inches tall for a large breed. This is important, as a playpen which is not tall enough for your puppy will not be of any use, because it will be easy for your puppy to jump over.

– Check for any labels within the walls of the playpen which your puppy could chew on and swallow.

– Always check if the holes in a baby playpen which is made of mesh are not large enough for your puppy to put his paws through. A puppy’s paws could easily get trapped or tangled in holes in a mesh pen.

– Opt for a material which your puppy can’t chew through, especially if your puppy is very prone to this behavior.

– Don’t buy a playpen which your puppy can easily climb over, and thus escape in this way.

– Keep in mind that your playpen should be long and wide enough for your puppy to run around in and feel comfortable. Your puppy should not feel confined or restricted to a small space. A spacious playpen can be 30 or 40 inches long and 20 or 30 inches wide. Some playpens are a different shape, so they would be measured differently.

– Take under consideration that your puppy will grow. In fact, if your puppy is a large breed, in a few months he may be well able to escape his baby playpen with much ease. As a result, you will need to buy a very tall playpen for a larger breed, or replace your pen as soon as your puppy begins to out-grow it.

– Buy a baby playpen which allows you to see what your puppy is doing at all times. In this way you will be able to keep an eye on or glance over at your puppy even when you are doing something else in the other half of the room.


In conclusion, can I put my puppy in a baby playpen? Yes, putting a puppy in a baby playpen is no different than putting them in a playpen designed solely for puppies. Whilst some types of designs of baby playpens may have a couple of special features which are there to benefit a baby or toddler, most often the designs of both playpens are quite alike.

If you find that a baby playpen is the best option for you, then putting a puppy in one is completely safe, and will ensure you can do things around the house without having to keep your puppy under careful watch all the time.