How to stop your puppy from escaping the playpen

Is your puppy constantly escaping his playpen? Do they hurt themselves every time they manage to escape?

Puppy playpens are essential in preventing your puppy from starting trouble around the house while you’re busy. However, if they’re capable of escaping, then how does one solve the issue at hand?

Puppy playpens come in a variety of sizes to fit the size of your dog. They are also made from a variety of materials, including nylon, plastic, and metal. Some have matting on the bottom, while others sit straight on the ground. If your dog is prone to escaping, you might want to consider the training pens that come with a cover.

How Are They Useful:

Puppies should be regularly observed at home to avoid getting into mischief. When you are busy around the house, your puppy may explore and play safely in a playpen. Food and water bowls can all be stored in the playpen for maximum comfort. It is a waste to keep your dog inside when you want to work or relax in the garden. Therefore, your canine companion can accompany you and enjoy the sun too, if you set up a dog playpen outside.

Sometimes when having guests over you might want to remove your dog from being in contact with visitors or youngsters. Therefore, by putting up the playpen it allows you to be with your puppy instead of isolating him/her in a room.

Tips for Choosing a Puppy Playpen

When buying a playpen, keep the following in mind:

  • Long-lasting materials: sharp teeth from a puppy can easily let them escape from the playpen, so by using a strong material it can resist some destruction.
  • Size and height:  It should be tall enough for your puppy to not be able to climb over, and large enough for him to roam around in.
  • Simple setup: it has to be efficient and easy to fold, put away, and set up.
  • Customizable: some puppy playpens are constructed of interlocking pieces that can be added or removed to alter the configuration of the pen.
  • Transportable: the playpen must not take up space within your home while not in use, it should be convenient for storage purposes.

How to Keep your Puppy from Climbing out of the Playpen

Option 1: PVC Pipe

Purchase a PVC pipe that is not too thick and soft enough to be cut through, slice the pipe longitudinally so that you can place it on top of the playpen fencing. As a result, the top of the fence is rounded, avoiding the puppy from grasping and pulling him/herself over.

Option 2: Rattle the Playpen

When your dog stands or tries to jump over the fence, stand in front of the playpen and give it a tiny rattling. This should startle your dog, causing him to fall back down. This approach seems to work best when the dog gets up at the same time as the rattling on the fence (while it’s in the act). It’s not as effective if the puppy is leaning against it and you rattle the fence.

Option 3: Additional Playpen

Depending on the type and style of the playpen, you can stack another playpen on top of the current playpen, doubling the height and weight and securing it with cable ties, so that it does not fall over.

Option 4: Heavy Cloth

Cover the pen with a heavy cloth similar to a table cloth and pet the side down with clothing pegs. The only problem is that if you are not careful the puppy might be able to grab ahold of the cloth and pull it down, through the pen.

Option 5: Mesh

You can purchase a considerable size of secure mesh that is big enough to cover the top surface of the pen. Ensure the mesh is made out of metal so that your puppy cannot chew through it, and attach the sides of the mesh to the fence using cable ties for a stable lid. This prevents your puppy from jumping over the fencing and is preferable for smaller-sized dogs.

Option 6: Training

Use the playpen as a training tool for your puppy. Put your dog in the pen and do not leave him or her alone. Make it a spot where your canine has fun and is occupied so that the thought of jumping over the fence does not occur to him or her. It is also beneficial to place him or her into the playpen after exercising and when fatigued. You may also only allow your dog to enter the pen when he sits this causes your dog to associate sitting with a good outcome.

In Summary:

Puppy playpens are essential in keeping your dog within a confined space with sufficient room for your adorable canine to roam around, eat, drink, and play with his or her toys. However, the issue enters when your puppy cannot bear to stay inside the playpen and manages to escape it. To prevent this, you should ensure that you purchase the correct playpen fit for your pet. In addition, you can prevent your pup from escaping by placing a PVC pipe above the fence, pegging a heavy cloth over it, placing mesh on the sides, rattling the pen, or training your puppy.